Anyone can host

The next concert you go to
may be on your own roof.

Set up your space


Try something new

Friday night could really up its game. Bring people together for something different for a night. You’ll get to know more artists and performers and you’ll see their work close up, from the best seat in the house — yours.

Do more with your space

Every neighborhood has a creative side - and you can host it in your backyard, your kitchen, or your front stoop. Be the stage for tomorrow’s Dylan, Dali, Holiday, or Kahlo. Whether they’re passing through town or live next door.

Pay the rent while
you're at it.

Looking to just break even on snacks? Hosting events regularly to build some extra income? Or maybe you want to give all the proceeds to the performers… Whatever you choose, we’ve built a way for your budget and your joy to get along.


Discover local creators

Connect with local artists and performers. Or play it coy and let them find you. Like what you see in someone’s profile? Get in touch with an idea.



Plan a showcase together. You and the performers are in control of the details. Set the vibe people should expect, keep it private or open it up, cap the number of attendees.

Figure out your ticket price, and how you want to split it between host and creators. We take care of all the payments from guests, so you don’t have to ask.


Invite your people

You and the creators fill the seats with friends, neighbors and fans. If it’s open to the public, other Artery members might RSVP too.

To make sure everyone has a great experience, you set a minimum number of spots that have to be filled - the showcase only happens if you hit that goal, so spread the word.


Your showcase happens. The villagers rejoice.

Keep in touch. Repeat.

You probably met some great new people. After the showcase, stay in touch. They’ll probably come to the next one, leave you a positive reference — maybe even become your next collaborator.

No two Artery showcase are the same.

An opera singer tests the limits of your bathroom’s acoustics. Two folk bands have a low-key jam on your porch. A comedian has the crowd in stitches at your barbershop.

Each Artery experience takes on the unique character of the space and host.

Some common showcase setups:


Solo Show

A single performance or exhibit by one musician, painter, dance troupe, singer, author… you get the idea.


One genre, many performers. A few comedians doing quick sets, a night of storytellers, a poetry slam, freestyle fridays.


A mixed-bag ensemble. Many performers and genres. Put together your favorite jazz singer, poet, and shadow puppeteer – and please remember to invite us.

All spaces work

Whether your audience is five people or five hundred, Artery makes it easy to make a unique experience happen.

A tiny living room can easily hold an evening of storytelling and comedy. A local brewery may be the perfect place for a jazz quartet to bring in a crowd. That backyard you never use? Let some dancers put on a show.

You can do a showcase in the park, on a beach - this is really open to anyone, anywhere.

Here’s the spaces people can list on Artery:

houses • apartments • yards, rooftops • living rooms • balconies • porches • kitchen • storefronts • cafes • bars • restaurants • garages • dorm rooms • offices • studios • warehouses • public spaces • treehouses • moving vehicle • and of course, mystery locations.


Become a host and find the creative world around you.

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