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Showcases are pop-up performances by performers & hosts who met on Artery.
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Artery is a platform for performers to connect with the people who want to host them. Collaborate on pop up showcases in people's homes, yards, and offices. Anyone can attend public showcases and the proceeds directly support the people who made it happen.

What kind of showcase can you add?


Any space, any genre

Whether your audience is five people or five hundred, Artery makes it easy to make a unique experience happen.

A tiny living room can easily hold an evening of storytelling and comedy. A local brewery may be the perfect place for a jazz quartet to bring in a crowd. That backyard you never use? Let some dancers put on a show.

Types of Showcases

Solo performance: One musician, painter, dance troupe, singer, author… you get the idea.

Ensemble: One genre, many performers. A comedian asks her musician friend to open, or you ask three actors to perform individual monologues.

Mixed bag: Local performers of all genres free that evening.

How does it work?

Taylor wants to perform

She adds an idea for a popup showcase to Artery. She describes logistics and the kind of hosts she’s looking for.

Taylor finds a collaborator

Taylor and Artery share her idea with hosts that match. They agree on the details: the date, the number of tickets, the price and minimum audience.

Launch the showcase!

Share your showcase and invite friends and neighbors to attend. Artery will also help promote.

Anyone can host
a popup performance

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Showcases are popup performances hosted by people in their own spaces. All performers and attendees agree to treat the space and performers with respect. They start on time and everyone leave after the program, unless the host invites them to stay.

Average audience 15 people

45-90 minutes runtime

Usually BYOB

Proceeds go to the host and performers

If you'd like to raise money for the ACLU or a similar charity, check out 14A. We're matching up to $50 for every showcase in support of the 14th Amendment.


Frankly Asked Questions

Full Showcase Guide

That's up to the presenter. The presenter is the person who launched the showcase. This can be the host, one of the performers, or someone else who is organizing the showcase.

The presenter is responsible for making sure everyone involved in the showcase is aware of how the money is split. Many hosts simply cover their expenses and have the rest of the proceeds go to the performers, while others ask friends to perform to raise money for a cause of do a little rent party. It can be however you want it to be, but please make sure everyone knows how much they should expect to be paid.

Because all the RSVPs on Artery have to be prepaid by the people attending, you can be sure of a minimum payout by setting a threshold.

To summarize: the presenter, host and the performers keep 95% of the proceeds. The other 5% goes to Artery to cover the credit card fees and keep our lights on.

Often, people say they will come, but then don’t. Or people buy tickets to a small event and it’s half empty.


On Artery, you set a minimum threshold for your showcase. You're saying that it will happen at least that many people pre-purchase a spot at your showcase. This protects everyone's time and gives guests a pretty good sense of who is actually coming. Of course some people still can't make it, but if they've paid, they're more likely to try.

The threshold also gives your showcase a story. You have a goal now, and you and everyone who buys a ticket has an incentive to spread the word. If the tickets are approaching sold out, it motivates everyone to act.

If the showcase doesn't hit the threshold, no one's credit cards are charged.


The capacity is the total size of the space. There is a waitlist afterwards, but it's not guaranteed.

Ideas can be very specific or very broad, but it's important that they are actionable. Think through the evening and describe that as best you can. Talk about yourself and your motivations. Once you save a draft, we'll help you make it even better. These ideas are sent out to folks who want to collaborate, so the more work you put in, the more likely you are to get a response.

Take a little extra time with you profile -

Remember, this idea will be seen by someone who only knows you by your profile, so put yourself in their shoes.

  • Pieces of your profile will also be used to bring your showcase idea page to life. Add creations (your creative work) and photos of your space in the "Creating" and "Hosting" sections, and they'll be automatically added to your showcase. This is the easiest way to get more responses to your ideas.

Have your showcase tell a story -

For a lot of people this will be their first Artery experience, so they're way more likely to get involved if they feel like there is a human being on the other end.

Here's some more tips:

  • Be specific, be thoughtful, be sincere. The more information you provide, the better.
  • Start simple. If this is your first showcase, plan something you know you can fill. Maybe 10 people in a living room in your neighborhood? These small intimate showcases are the best way to get started. After that, your audience comes with you - and they'll bring a friend.
  • Use a great cover shot - it can be your performing or a photo of the space, or just something in the right vibe. But make sure it's eye catching. Images should be at least 720px and try to find one that is more wide than tall.
  • Get a friend involved - they'll help bring in some audience and an extra set of hands is always helpful the day of the showcase. Plus they might suggest a host or performer amongst your friends.

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